You want collaboration to succeed in in the long term.

You work in an international team or live in an intercultural environment. That is exciting. And also challenging. Together we develop a customized strategy for your intercultural issues. No matter whether you are traveling as an individual, together as a couple, with your family or in a team: With our team of experienced coaches and consultants, we are there for you!

Intercultural Coaching

You communicate with people from other cultural backgrounds on a daily basis. You know about the advantages of intercultural cooperation. And you also experience misunderstanding and friction. For us, intercultural coaching means that we personally support you in your international life context. With our help, you will discover your very own resources and strengthen your resilience in the long term. You will gain clarity and the ability to act. We support you personally in these topics:

  • Cultural adaptation and cultural stress
  • Handling with values and norms
  • Recognizing personal limits
  • Discovering resources
  • Developing resilience
  • Conflict behaviour
  • Partnership and family
  • Crisis management
  • Burnout
  • Exhaustion

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Intercultural Consulting & Seminars

Your professional environment demands intercultural expertise. You communicate daily in an international context. You lead people from different cultures. How can you create synergies? How can you optimize cooperation?

Our consulting and seminar offers include e.g.:

  • Communication models
  • Understanding and awareness of culture
  • Self-perception and perception by others
  • Values and norms as cause of understanding and misunderstanding
  • Taboos
  • Cultural dimensions

For more information about suitable modules for you on the topic of „Intercultural Coaching and Consulting“, please refer to the download PDF:

Any questions? Email us or just give us a call: +49 8191 / 4017534.