Friday night in Nairobi. Your suitcases are packed. Between tension and joy, sadness and excitement a meaningful phase of your life is coming to an end. In a few hours you will be back in the country of your origin. Familiar and yet strange.

You've been integrated at your job abroad. You have connected with your host country and its people. You have changed. It is understandable that the reintegration does not work out automatically. It is our pleasure to be at your side in this process with knowledge and competence.



Executive Coaching

We support you in the process of reflecting and verbalizing your time overseas. We are at your side to take a panoramic view on your experiences and to implement those special lessons learned in the next phase of your life. This will enable you to take a deep breath and go on confidently.

We work with you on your personal competency profile:


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  • 5 phases of the re-entry process
  • Identifying resources
  • Knowing your competencies
  • Integrating skills
  • Work-life-balance
  • Developing your personal action plan

We will be pleased to add any other elements upon request.






We offer special trainings for teams in the re-entry process.

By reflecting together in a group the experiences made will be perceived more positively. Individual members gain sustainable access to their own resources and stimulation for implementation. We have developed a holistic concept for members of international companies just as for workers of humanitarian aid organisations.
Our training portfolio contains all relevant elements for your success – hard facts & soft skills:

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  • Phases of change
  • Identifying resources
  • Knowing your competencies
  • 5 phases of re-entry
  • Work-life-balance
  • Individual and team related evaluation
  • Conflict management


Couples & Families

Our all-inclusive package for the whole family is unique. The dispatched persons have spent lots of time in a professional context. For accompanying partners the structures have often developed in quite a different direction. What competencies have you gained and how can you use them in the future?

In our workshops everybody receives the support needed. We have developed guidelines and tools which match the needs of the whole family.

It is our special concern to offer coaching and workshop units for children and youth.  

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Possible Topics are:

  • The starting point: the demand analysis
  • Goodbye, transition, new beginning
  • First steps in a foreign environment
  • Phases of change in 5 steps
  • Competency analysis
  • Integrating skills

For children transition from one place to another takes place in an important stage of their development. Therefore they need special support. Focusing creatively on their resources is the foundation of our work.

  • gift- and talent focused coaching in relation to developmental stages in life changing processes
  • dealing with various emotions during transition.
  • compiling practical aid and tips for successful arrival


Workshops for 1 - 4 children are bookable upon request. Gladly within the family context as part of a total package. 
Additionally we offer seminars and expat meetings for youth and young adults from the age of 17 onwards.

Dates upon request



All training units are available in English and German; other languages upon request