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Always a personal choice. Choose from our variety what matches your wants best. Custom-made and approved. We offer our seminars and workshops even at your location. Coaching can also be done via skype, telephone or email.


Seminars, Workshops and Coaching

We want you to be excellently equipped for the challenges ahead of you. To us this means from getting ready to leave to finally returning home. We'll be at your side as a competent partner. Whether you embark on your journey as an individual, a couple, a team or a whole family, trust in our experience.

Foreign Assignment

  • Individually aligned programs for you personally and accompanying partners
  • Family preparation
  • Special workshops for children and youth
  • Culture awareness training
  • Assessment of Intercultural competence (Cerny Smith Adjustment Index®)
  • Crisis Management & Debriefing
  • Personality & work preference profiling (Team Management Profil™)

International Team Development

  • Multicultural and virtual teams
  • Conflict management

Re-entry & Re-integration

Feeling foreign, lost and somehow in the wrong place in your own home country is a distinctive emotion in the re-entry process. Upon return most people experience some kind of joy to be back “home”, however soon questions arise. A good return starts before the return. People who think about it ahead of time lay a solid foundation for a succeeding re-integration.

  • How will I find my slot professionally and socially?
  • What do I need now, what does my partner and what do -perhaps- my children need?
  • What are the common dynamics in the re-entry process?
  • What can help me to make the return smoother?

The experiences you have made while being abroad can enrich your life and future, they can hand you a new perspective and awaken energy. However, this does not happen automatically.

Third Culture & Cross Cultural Kids

"I am not a tree, planted in one place, deeply rooted.“ Or „I am a confusion of Cultures“. This is how Third-Culture-Kids describe themselves. They often don't have a sense of belonging to only one culture.

The identity question is paramount in particular in the teenage years. If  moving from one culture to another happens during this phase Teenagers are extremely challenged. They really need help.

We support families and youth in this crucial phase as well as in the search of identity.


Coaching is setting off. Coaching means change and development – professionally and personally. We'll support you on this journey.

Possible Coaching Themes

  • Assessment of intercultural competence
  • Personality development
  • Stress-Management
  • Work-Life-Balance
  • Personal Debriefing
  • Conflict Management
  • Re-entry & Re-integration

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